(JANUARY-2010) PEBBLES FROM THE ROC            This article continues the comments of Don Bartz, the chairman of the board of our Watertown Recreation and Outreach Center for Youth (THE ROC), as Don will soon finish his terms on the board.  “One more remembrance (there are too many to put into this short article):   A mother called PT (Pastor Tim Mueller) shortly after the ROC opened in 2003. She asked if her son would be welcome at the ROC. She explained that her son had some issues. He had A.D.D. and was almost uncontrollable with his temper. PT told her that her son was welcome and could come anytime. This young man loved to play video games on the T.V.  The game he loved the most was football. Being a Packer fan his team was always the Packers. As he would play the game his temper would get the best of him and he would yell and scream at the T.V. like it could understand what he was saying. PT had it worked out that when this would happen he would walk over and turn the T.V. off, explain his temper as a sin, look for repentance and announce forgiveness.  Today this young man is an Older Junior Volunteer at THE ROC and wants to be an adult volunteer when he reaches 21 years old.  I’d like to thank PT for his tireless work, the board and advisors both past and present for all their work. Thanks to the volunteers and the youth. This place was needed!!!  When I was first asked to be on the board, I asked myself why me? Now, because of term limits, I have to leave the board and I ask myself why me? This has been a wonderful 9 years. If it was up to me I’d stay. But, the ROC, board and staff will go forward with new people and ideas.  GOD will bless them as he has done in the past.” Don Bartz, chairman


(FEBRUARY-2010) PEBBLES FROM THE ROC         By the grace of God, we now own a building for THE ROC at 213 N. 3rd Street in Watertown.  On December 30th, 2009 the papers were signed to close the purchase of the building (Carew Heating & Air Conditioning).  We thought that the price of the building & lot ($120,000) and remodeling costs ($30,000) were beyond our reach until an anonymous gift of $50,000 was given to match a $50,000 Siebert Foundation grant.  The $100,000 added to $10,000 in our ROC Building Fund leaves us $40,000 short of the $150,000 needed for the building and remodeling.  An interest free loan (until the end of 2010) for the $40,000 was agreed upon by the previous owner.  We are confident that, together, we will be able to give and raise that $40,000 by the end of 2010.  We invite you to send your gifts marked “ROC Building Fund” to 1411 Wedgewood Drive, Watertown, WI 53098.  Carew Heating & Air Conditioning is allowed to remain in the building until the end of February when we will be able to start remodeling.  Presently we are working on attaining a Conditional Use Permit from the City of Watertown and putting together plans for the remodeling.  We invite volunteers to help with the remodeling to keep the cost down.  Thank you.


(MARCH-2010) PEBBLES FROM THE ROC         Janine Petrie, an adult volunteer at THE ROC, wanted to make a slideshow to help remember the old ROC on South Water St.  The show developed where the teens became heavily involved.  A link to the slideshow, John 3:16, can be found at our web site, www.thewttnroc.com.   Janine comments, “Not only are the teens learning about Jesus, they are witnessing too. The video (John 3:16), which the teens helped make, has been a favorite and they are sharing it with their friends. One night at Bible/Talk Time we found out that one girl has been having serious discussions with her friends about the meaning behind some of the pictures portrayed and she was able to teach the teens more about our Savior Jesus.  When was the last time we had a serious discussion with an unbeliever about Jesus?”  Thanks Janine for your thoughts.

            As we prepare to remodel our building at 213 N. 3rd Street, a Building Remodeling Committee has been appointed which includes Bill Schmidt (Chairman), Don Bartz (Labor Donations Coordinator), Todd Morris (Wish List/Furnishings Coordinator), Dale Ninmann, and Pastor Mueller.  We will keep you informed as the project progresses.  As we look to raise the final $40,000 to pay for the building, your generous and kind gifts (make checks out to THE ROC marked BUILDING FUND)  may be sent to 1411 Wedgewood Drive, Watertown, WI 53098.  Thanks you so much for your help and support.  By the way, adult volunteers are always needed.  Stop in and see if it might be for you.



            The opening up of walls for doors and windows, the breaking up of cement to level the floor, the hanging of furnaces, the fixing of water leaks, etc. have all begun in our ROC Youth Center building at 213 N. 3rd St.  As you may know from the paper, the city common council and city site plan review committee unanimously approved the building and plans for our youth center.   If all goes well, we will be able to open the ROC Youth Center on 3rd St. later in June or early in July.  If you would like more information about the remodeling, please call our Head Project Chairman, Mr. Bill Schmidt (261-3345), or if you would like to help, please call our Labor Donations Coordinator, Mr. Don Bartz (261-1319).  Mr. Todd Morris (206-0875) is our Furnishings Coordinator who will provide a list of needed items as time goes along.  So far a new energy efficient dish washer and refrigerator are needed.  Due to a few unforeseen costs like metal studs and extensive wiring, the project may have us run over the final $40,000 needed.  However, we are confident we will together raise whatever is needed.  As we look to give the final $40,000 and more, your generous and kind gifts (make checks out to THE ROC marked BUILDING FUND) may be sent to 1411 Wedgewood Drive, Watertown, WI 53098.  Thanks you so much for your help and support. 




            “May the Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other and for everyone else.” (1 Thessalonians 3:12)  At THE ROC, at our regular Bible/Talk times during Lent, we viewed the movie, “The Passion of the Christ”.   We regularly stopped the movie, noted what was in the Bible and what had been added and then enjoyed the riches of God’s grace in Christ’s Passion.  We have seen that Gospel of Christ increase the love in the teens.  The teens have now joined the multitude of volunteers at the new ROC building as they helped insulate the heat ducts.  As the remodeling project continues, we are astonished by the progress of the project and the love of people involved.  Please stop down at the building (213 N. 3rd St.) and see what has all taken place.  The metal studs have been installed, the garage door has been replaced by a block wall, the openings have been framed out, the duct work, furnaces and air conditioners have been placed, the leaks have been fixed, the rough electrical and plumbing is done and the walls have been insulated and dry walled.  By the time this article is printed so much more will have been done.  Please stop by anytime to see the progress.  If you can’t help with your time and talents, please help with your gifts.  About $45,000 is still needed to completely pay for the building and remodeling.  Please send your gifts to THE ROC, 1411 Wedgewood Drive, Watertown, WI 53098.  Together, let us always pray that the Lord make our love increase and overflow for each other and for everyone else.


(JUNE-2010) PEBBLES FROM THE ROC         Thanks be to God!  On Sunday, April 17th, two teens (Amanda and Brandon) who attend our Watertown Recreation & Outreach Center (ROC) Youth Center, were baptized in the name of the one true Triune God.  Brandon has also had the joy of confessing his faith and oneness with us through confirmation.  These are more blessings coming out of our youth center.

            Blessings from God also continue to be enjoyed through the remodeling project.  Since our last update the following have been completed: drywall installed, walls painted, new windows and doors installed, face brick placed, drop ceiling, lighting and fans installed, wood trim cut and placed, computer and refreshment area countertops installed, refreshment area cabinets installed, tile placed, and plumbing and electrical continued.  Please stop by anytime to see the progress.  If you can’t help with your time and talents, please help with your gifts.  About $36,000 ($9,000 less than last month) is still needed to completely pay for the building and remodeling.  Please send your gifts to THE ROC, 1411 Wedgewood Drive, Watertown, WI 53098.  We thank our Lord for such wonderful blessings and we thank all who are giving so generously and cheerfully.  Our hope is to move into the new building sometime in June and have a Grand Opening Open House in September.  More upcoming ROC events include:


Saturday, May 29, 10:30-6 - Brat Fry at Pick N’ Save

Sunday, June 27,  - Golf Outing; 4:00 – T Time; 7:00 - Meal

Thurs., Fri., Sat., July 22,23,24 - Rummage Sale

Fri., Sat., August 27+28, 9-3 – Glenn’s Market Brat Stand     


(JULY-2010) PEBBLES FROM THE ROC         THE ROC HOME is now at 213 N. 3rd Street in Watertown!  Our thanks to St. Mark’s for providing us with a temporary ROC home.  On Saturday, June 12th, many willing and giving people showed up to help move THE ROC from St. Mark’s to 3rd Street.  The big move went quickly and was completed already by 10:30 a.m. when we enjoyed visiting and fellowshipping until the meal was served at approximately 11:00 a.m.  We thank our Lord for moving so many hearts to remodel the building, help us move in, and provide the luncheon.  The amount of hours given to our Lord through the ROC mission and ministry is staggering.  Thanks be to God.  Please be sure to view many building remodeling pictures on our web site, www.thewttnroc.com. 

We also invite any to stop by to consider volunteering at THE ROC.  We will need more volunteers as the attendance increases at our new building.  Also, please place on your schedules the ROC Rummage Sale which will be held July 22-24.  Details can be found in another article or by calling Ruth Uttech (261-6772) or Pam Erdman (261-9674).


(AUGUST-2010) PEBBLES FROM THE ROC               Thanks be to God!   Since the last “Pebbles From The ROC”, The Watertown Recreation & Outreach Center (THE ROC) for youth has made the move (June 12th) to its permanent home at 213 N. 3rd Street in Watertown and has enjoyed a Grand Opening (June 26th) with hundreds of people attending.  What a joy it was to have so many attend and also help with the REMODELING, MOVE and GRAND OPENING.   We thank God for all of you.  We can’t even begin to name people as so many were involved.  We are also very thankful for the gifts given at the Grand Opening to the ROC Building/Remodeling Fund which came to $1,123.00.  Our goal is to pay off the building and remodeling by the end of the year.  We only have $30,000 of the total amount of $165,000 remaining.

Thanks also for all the help as $1,334.00 was raised through the Pick N’ Save Brat Stand, $8,646.00 (after matching) through the Golf Outing and $375.35 from teens working hard as the trash detail at the Tractor Pull.  The next time you will see the teens at work will be at Glenn’s Brat Stand on Friday and Saturday, August 27th and 28th, 10:00-3:00 both days.  Any adults who would like to help are asked to call (206-9581 or 261-4444) or e-mail (wttnroc@sbcglobal.net) Pastor/Director Mueller.  Please plan to stop by for lunch at the Brat Stand.  Thank you.


(SEPTEMBER-2010) PEBBLES FROM THE ROC                   Volunteering at THE ROC, not only greatly helps THE ROC, but also the one volunteering.  Ruth Uttech writes, “One of my favorite childhood songs is ‘Jesus Loves Me this I know for the Bible tells me so’.  How do teens come to know such songs and truths unless we all do our part to share this message?  I personally have grown in my faith by volunteering at the ROC.  Where else can I have an opportunity to touch so many teens in such a positive way.  I have also seen many volunteers share their knowledge of games, crafts and food with the teens or just offer another set of eyes to supervise.”  Stop by at THE ROC and talk to Pastor Mueller to see if such volunteering is for you.

Many hours of hard work were put in by so many at the ROC Rummage Sale which raised over $10,000 for THE ROC.  We were overwhelmed by the many items donated and the many hours given.  Thank you so much!   

We still have about $30,000 to go to pay off the building and remodeling project.  Thanks so much for your generous and cheerful gifts.


(OCTOBER-2010) PEBBLES FROM THE ROC            We love our new ROC home!  The newly remodeled ROC at 213 N. 3rd Street is amazing and so good for fellowship, fun, and most of all, worship of our Savior God and Bible Study.  Every day THE ROC is open we have what we call a Bible/Talk Time where we, in an interactive and visual way, study Bible History, Biblical Doctrine and various topics.  Often the teens will suggest topics and Bible passages to study.  Recently a teen, with some speech challenges, asked if we would study how, through Christ, we are children of God and priceless in God’s sight.  Some teens at school have made fun of his challenges and others speak to him slowly and deliberately, like he is mentally challenged or like he is a little child.  The teen, in fact, is extremely smart and has no mental challenges. It was as though the flood gates had been opened as teen after teen then began to express their desire to be loved and respected instead of being made fun of and bullied.  Some talked of how they have thought of suicide due to how they have been treated by some.  What a blessing it was to share with them the greatest news of all that in Christ they are forgiven and eternally loved by their Lord God.

            For your information, we have approximately $25,000 to pay by the end of 2010 for our building and remodeling.  Your gifts are greatly appreciated and may be sent to THE ROC, 213 N. 3rd St., Watertown, WI 53094.  Also THE ROC is an eligible organization for Thrivent Choice dollars.  Thrivent members are encouraged to keep THE ROC in mind when they are informed of their Thrivent Choice dollars which they are able to designate to THE ROC either online or through an 800 number.


(NOVEMBER-2010) PEBBLES FROM THE ROC       The following was written by Michelle Hagenkord who came to THE ROC for over 5 years as a teen and later became an adult volunteer – “When I first saw The ROC, my mom and I stepped in to see what it was all about.  At first, when I saw the ROC, I wasn't sure.  My mom said to Pastor Mueller, "just take this kid off my hands."  Then, after coming to The ROC for sometime, I was given answers to questions that I had.  God wasn't a big part of my life till I came to The ROC.  I started to go to church and to read the BIBLE again. I found that there are many people in the church who care for you.  I learned the hard way that God does or allows things for a reason.  I used to say to people when they told me about God’s promises, "Oh, ya, really!" but now I depend on God's word much more.  I still question and doubt but not near as much as I used to.  God has been there from the beginning and he will be there till the end. With all that said and done, I would say don't wait when it comes to God’s Word and your faith in Jesus, your Savior from sin. Talk to a pastor about your faith, your doubts and questions.  So, see you soon or in heaven.” 

            Please continue to support the mission work of THE ROC in any way that you can.  Gifts are always greatly appreciated.  We still have about $25,000 left to pay for our building and remodeling.  Also a couple of items on our wish list are a PlayStation 3 Game system and old pool or ping pong tournament trophies that could be used for our ROC tournaments.  Thanks for your help.


(DECEMBER-2010) PEBBLES FROM THE ROC       Every day THE ROC is open, a Bible/Talk Time is held usually from 6:00 to 6:30 p.m.   Approximately 20 to 25 teens are in attendance with most of them being unchurched.  In addition to hearing the Gospel of Christ and the truths of God’s Word at Bible/Talk Time, the ROC staff is lovingly and sincerely applying God’s Word all the time to everything.  For example, teens are taught to forgive each other as God, in Christ, forgives them (Colossians 3:13).  Teens are taught to treat each other as they want to be treated (Luke 6:31).   One day we were pleasantly surprised when a teen, who didn’t seem to be listening, said, “I think I get it.  God’s Word and Jesus, the Savior, has everything to do with everything in our eternal lives.”  By faith, the teen got it.  Thanks be to God!  So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” (1 Corinthians 10:31)

            Please continue to support the mission work of THE ROC in any way that you can.  Gifts are always greatly appreciated.  In addition to your generous gifts to operate THE ROC, another $1,000 was given in the past month to the building/remodeling so that $24,000 is left to pay on the project.  Every day we give thanks for the facility we now have for THE ROC at 213 N. 3rd Street  Stop in sometime and say “Hello”,  We love visitors.