Junior Volunteer Staff (High School 14-17) Responsibilities & Qualifications:

*  Is to be a good role model for the rest of the teens

*  Is to be honest and not easily pressured by other teens to do wrong

*  Is not to look down or boss around other teens - do not try to assume other privileges not listed here

*  May answer the telephone - Answer telephone by saying cheerfully and politely,  "Hello. This is the ROC youth Center,  "...(your name)..." speaking. 

*  Telephone use is restricted to emergency calls or parent/guardian calls - NO PERSONAL CALLS - you may pass on a message of any other caller - exceptions made only by Adult Staff Members

*  Outgoing calls must be local and brief and are $.25 per call (give $.25 to adult supervisor) to help pay the bill - be sure to tell teen to give phone back immediately

*  Help cook pizzas - 8 minutes to cook a pizza - $4.00 for pizza is to be given by the buyer to Adult Staff

*  Help cut up pizzas and get it to the person who bought it

*  Help keep pizza oven, pizza oven area and pizza cutters clean

*  Help keep windows clean - a daily responsibility

*  Help, where you can, run games and events such as pool tournaments and karaoke

*  Communicate with adult supervisors for the safety and good of the ROC and it's reputation

*  Have excellent hygienic practices such as showering, underarm, etc.

*  Help out with anything else noticed such as repair of equipment, cleaning, shoveling of snow, etc.

            *  Sorry, no office, keys, or money privileges - except key for the game system and cue stick lockers


Older Junior Volunteer Staff (18-20) Responsibilities & Qualifications: 
First the same as Junior Volunteers

Other Responsibilities & Qualifications for Older Junior Volunteer Staff from 18-20 years old:
Responsibilities include all of the above plus -

*  Must pass a possible background check

*  Is to be a good role model for the rest of the teens

*  Is to have a job or in the process of getting a job soon

*  Is to have faith in God and His Word and attending church to grow in God's Word

*  Is to help supervise the ROC to ensure a safe atmosphere

*  Is to keep Adult Staff informed about inappropriate behavior that would threaten the ROC

*  Is to walk outside periodically and tell any loitering youth we have the policy, for the good of the ROC and our promise to our neighbors, to either be in the ROC building or far away

*  Is only allowed at the ROC once a week - more times must be approved by the pastor/director

*  A person making a cell phone call must remain in between the entrance doors and not outside - two people for 5 minutes maximum

*  Second time a person leaves the ROC, they must be gone for the night

*  There is a no smoking zone for all ROC Staff & Youth in the ROC and all around the ROC for a four block radius.  Thank you.

*  Please understand that a volunteer is here to help not to have an excuse to play games and be on the computers

*  Possibly work to become an Adult Staff Member who is to be 21 years old and stands with us on the truths and doctrines of God's Word and attends worship regularly

*  Sorry, no office, keys, or money privileges - except key for the game system and cue stick lockers
*  Absolutely avoid any touching and responding, in like manner, to any teen flirting with you - tell teen to stop and let the Pastor/Director know about the flirting

*  Absolutely no inappropriate facebook or chat conversation with anyone especially those who have attended THE ROC
*  Do not give teens any money or any car rides without permission from the ROC Pastor/Director

*  Those who are 18 and older are not allowed to come or leave with underage youth

*  Background checks are done for the protection of THE ROC


Volunteer shirts will only be given out to those who sign this responsibility sheet and have proven themselves to be a true helper and volunteer.  Shirts are only given out to those who wear the shirt often, also willingly help and quickly help when asked by an adult volunteer.   Shirts are to be named on label and kept at THE ROC in order to avoid losing or misplacing and to be kept clean.  Shirts may be kept by the volunteer only after a volunteer has proven themselves to keep the shirt clean, promises not to lose it or give it away and wears it often at THE ROC.  Also wearing a ROC volunteer shirt outside of THE ROC means the volunteer will reflect well THE ROC by their actions and words.

An Older Junior Volunteer Staff Member from 18-21 years old who is asked, in an emergency only,  to substitute as an Adult Volunteer Staff Member, is to read and follow the Adult Staff Responsibilities.  Be honest when handling any monies as a Substitute Adult Staff Member.

Thank you for being a volunteer at THE ROC.  We pray you are volunteering, first and foremost, to show love to God and others for God's gift of forgiveness and salvation.  Remember that, if you are approved for the volunteer staff, you can use The ROC and Pastor Mueller as a reference on any job application and can refer the employer to see your picture on our web site as an approved ROC volunteer.  Thanks again for your help and willing generosity.